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Celebrating Life

By: Nancy Cantor, Founder of the Dream Factory Community

November 24, 2019

During the last few months, it has been a celebration of life.   Whether we are experiencing the Healing Arts, sharing Journeys that matter, celebrating the Dream Factory Community’s birthday, exercising Gratitude, or Bringing in the Light; there is an experience of connecting with others and the joys of life.

As we approach the New Year, we will be offering the same type of program, designed to uplift and inspire you.   From Tragedy to Triumph will include two stories; one of my journey of recovering from a recent very serious cycling accident and another told by Judy Giovangelo who lost her son Ben to suicide, ten years ago.  Our intention is that you will gain insight into your life and how to turn your challenging circumstances into opportunities.

If we celebrate life in all its complexities, we will find the Silver Lining and opportunities for growth and course correction.   Please join us at our annual New Year’s Celebration on Jan 3rd.

There will also be a Silent Auction for Judy Giovangelo’s organization, BenSpeaks.org, that provides programming, especially for kids who are challenged to find the Silver Lining in their circumstances.  Judy, her friends, and members of the Dream Factory Community have donated many wonderful items so there will be raffle and products/services that you can bid on.

100% of what is raised at the Silent Auction will go to BenSpeaks.org.  If you want to donate something contact Judy: judygiovangelo@benspeaks.org.

Join us at the Dream Factory Community/Ben Speaks New Year’s Dinner, January 3, 5:30-9:30pm.  Invite friends, family, and others who want to support the mission of Ben Speaks and Dream Factory Community.  We will be having it at Employment Options in Marlboro, an amazing organization, that also has a catering division.  Join us for a great night of insight, revelation, and camaraderie.  Support three wonderful organizations that do good work in the world.  Be part of the mission to have the world be a kinder more supportive place.

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