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Transformation at any age

By: Angi MacDonnell

January 23, 2017

Running a marathon is not unlike starting a new business. It requires planning and commitment, there’s excitement and highs, as well as struggle and lows. The real joy is never the destination or the finish line it’s the journey. This is my journey to complete my 4th marathon and in the process a career was found.

To understand this story of how a 43 year old Mom of 3 who has always struggled with her weight is now building a business in Health and Nutrition, you have to go back a bit. It started when I was 24. I had taken a few wrong turns as an adolescent and I was going through a divorce. I was enrolled full time as a student at Mount Holyoke College and decided to return to hairdressing to support myself while I attended school. My boss at the hair salon ran marathons. I still remember saying to Eileen I’d like to do that with you. I started running with her and a friend around Forest Park in Springfield every morning before work. I ran 3 marathons in my 20’s. Unfortunately, each one got progressively slower but I finished them all.

In my 30’s I had three children and although I continued to run ½ marathons and 10k’s I struggled to keep my weight down. At 40 I resigned myself to the fact that I would not run another marathon. I was too heavy and too old. My kids needed me and I had to work. Then one day at my daughter’s dance class a fellow dance Mom shared with me the nutrition system she had used to help her overcome an autoimmune disease. I was skeptical but desperate so I gave it a try. After a bit of a false start I was off. I started my system in October 2015 and by February 2016 I had lost 30 lbsAngie MacDonnell and signed up for my 4th marathon.

My desire to transform myself from an overweight, overtired, overwhelmed Mom and my commitment to not let anything derail my efforts began to attract friends. In my first year of my business more than 60 friends and family joined me. Some had huge noticeable results. Others had less noticeable results. At times we all struggled. Much like hitting “the wall” in a marathon each time a friend or acquaintance struggled I struggled with them. I hope that my clients would say I linked arms with them and helped them get across the finish line.

Although I’ve never doubted my ability to pour love into my friends and clients. There have been many times when I’ve doubted my ability to be the face of a health and wellness business. Because I had limited time and big dreams of completing a marathon I used my training as a part of my story. I shared my training on FB much like I shared my weight loss. Some days I had great long runs surrounded by amazing views. Other days I got stung by bees and felt awful. But I kept going. The marathon was my goal when a very slow summer threatened my resolve that I could actually succeed in my business. It was a distraction that enabled me to use my product line and push myself physically. When I finished the marathon at 43 with a faster time than 2 of my previous marathons at age 20. I had built belief in my products and myself. If I could run a 4:32 marathon at 43 I could do anything I set my mind too.

If you have an unshakeable belief in your product, your company, and yourself; you are unstoppable. I believe that transformations are for everyone and my mission is to help men and women live their best lives physically and financially.

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