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Take the Big Leap in 2018: New Year’s Dinner Workshop, Materials on Living Your Genius

By: Nancy Cantor

January 8, 2018

Genius ZoneBorn to live into our highest purpose while in service to the greater good! This is the zone where you liberate your true genius and it puts you on the ultimate path of living a successful and satisfied life.

Manifesto by Nancy Cantor 

I am a creator, pioneer and community-builder.  If the path hasn’t been laid I will figure how to lay it as opposed to coloring inside the lines.

Whether I am creating a business development curriculum, helping my clients manifest their goals, or hosting Thanksgiving for the family, I use the same strengths.  Envisioning and then taking the appropriate actions, with the appropriate people so that ideas of the future become reality.

Relationships allow me to create at a larger and larger level.  My MetroWest Chamber family,  BNI Colleagues, clients, family and Dream Factory Community members co-create events, and opportunities for connecting, contributing and supporting one another.

I love my extended family and am grateful for the relationships that I have with my husband and son, my grandkids, my step-kids, Alan’s first wife, Lois, and my sister and her family.

At the heart of all my activities, I want to make a difference.  I believe that my services, my programs, and who I am, contributes to the people around me and what they really care about. 

I particularly want to impact women and support them in transcending any limitations in expressing themselves fully in the world.

Having three granddaughters, I believe that I can leave the world a better place for them to express their divine spirit and that they will become catalysts in doing the same.

When I look at the world— I see possibility—that we can work together, support one another and build a world with no one and nothing left out.  That we can create heaven on earth, everyday by how we are being, how we care for all things around us, and how we share our divine gifts.

Work I did to create the Manifesto:

If you were living your genius who would you BE?

Eg: I am a Pioneer, Creator, and Community-Builder.

What would you Do?

Eg: I enjoy my family, expand my work, develop new leaders, create communities that support members in living their genius.     Be more and more public through speaking, writing, and media.

What would you Have? 

Eg: I have new communities where I am leading and training other leaders.  I have speaking engagements that lead to new communities, opportunities to travel, and creative endevours that impact the world.

Three Goals for Q1: 

We will do work on this at our next Dream Factory Luncheon: January 18, 11:30-2:00pm: Please Join us.  Perfect for new people or for people who started the work at the NY Dinner.  Join us to set the stage for 2018.


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