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Introduction to Building Resilience to Build Immunity

By: Sandy Yukes

April 22, 2020

Welcome to a unique opportunity to build your resilience!

Sandra Yukes

In our rapidly changing and overwhelming world, stress and chaos are everywhere. In this 3 week live online class, you can learn tools to weather the storm. Being more resilient mentally translates into being more physically and emotionally resilient. You CAN be the calm in the storm!

Using a combination of the latest neuroscience and modern psychology, you can gain information and practices to be in control. The class is given by Sandy Yukes, author, trauma specialist , teacher and seasoned Havening practitioner. The information is easy to understand. Homework will be given. Information + practical action = change for the better in you and your life.

Needed for a successful experience: Zoom application downloaded, notebook and pen, curiosity, willingness and you!

The class will meet Tuesday mornings 10:00-11:30 am May 12, 19, 26. Classes will be small and individualized. Confidentiality within our group is a must.

Together we will create a safe space where we can learn and share our experiences. Class includes 3 original 1.5 hour teachings based on the book Resilient by Rick Hanson, PhD, teachings by Harry and Sandy’s time tested knowledge of stress, wellness, the brain and Havening.

Each class will have the same format every week including check-ins by participants, reflection on our reading and homework experiences and time for questions. Articles will be assigned for reading.

The topics covered in the 3 classes will be: 1. Self-Havening – what is it, how, when and where to use it, benefits, contraindications, in-class experiential exercise 2. Compassion – for self and others, in-class experiential exercise , challenges to compassion, learning, giving, receiving compassion, noticing compassion 3. Mindfulness – notice positive passing experiences, stepping back and observe, finding a refuge, road map for moving through an upset practice in class, taking care of your needs of safety, satisfaction and connection. And this is only the beginning!

If you find Level 1 interesting and helpful, you can join level 2 for four more weeks of resilience building and other valuable topics!

This is the Beta version, so I will ask for your feedback and suggestions! After the initial trial period this class will be $198 or more. For this initial session, this 3 week class on Building Resilience will be $99 for this ground breaking, practical and readily applied information.

Spaces are limited. So get in touch with Sandy today. Since you attended Sandy’s Calm during COVID19 free mini-seminar, your price is $50.

Sandy’s bio: https://www.havening.org/directory/grid/view/details/14/483-

Sandy Yukes Link to make a 20-30 min appointment to talk to Sandy and find out more about the class: https://my.timetrade.com/book/9HPL2 or call 617-510-8560

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