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HFama Info from Deborah Strafuss

March 21, 2019

Here is our last email campaign to share with everyone – it is very targeted on what to do to support our safe harbor bill:


Here is the link to find your legislator:


There is not as much out there on the stop S168 but there is a coalition twitter page with a petition to sign:


And I copied Rita’s invite for lobby day for S168 here below:

Lobby Day Announcement

Date:        Tuesday, April 23
Time:        1:00-3:00 pm
Location:  Massachusetts State House
Room 222
24 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02133

Please join us for an opportunity to speak with lawmakers regarding your concerns and reasons for asking them to oppose S168.

Thank you!!

Deborah Strafuss, RMT

The Committee for Protection and Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care



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