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New Sabo-Department

By: Anne Redelfs, MD

April 29, 2020

It has come to the attention of our administration that many DFC members are dealing with their inner saboteurs from time to time. To quicken the process, we are implementing a new Sabotage Department (the Sabo-Dept for short), which will be available through phone, email, SKYPE, or ZOOM.

Under the Stairs in the Cupboard

The first step is one of awareness. Notice when you are doing what is contrary to your CDO statement and the dreams you want to create. Step two is to call the Sabo-Dept and explain the problem to one of our community wizards. The first fifteen minutes are complimentary. If you’d like to pursue more in-depth help, you are welcome to stay on the call or schedule a lengthier appointment for a fee. 

It’s time to leave your comfort zone: that tiny room under the stairs. We can help you make a shift! Please contact our new Sabo-Dept whenever you catch yourself under the stairs in the cupboard, and you want to return to Hogwarts.   


Life Coach, Mara Costello

Mara Castello, CEC is a certified empowerment life coach and founder of “Navigate from the Heart Coaching.” She holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Wellesley College. She has a certification in both Empowerment Coaching and Energy Leadership from IPEC (Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching). Coaching from a philosophy that sustainable change occurs from a shift at the “core,” Mara’s purpose is to empower women to shift their mindset after trauma so they can actually live a life more fully engaged in pursuing their passion.

To contact Mara:  coachmara@yahoo.com  617-823-0523, www.navigatefromtheheart.com

Elizabeth Meyer

Elizabeth Meyer, LICSW, CPPC is a warm and intuitive coach and psychotherapist. She works with women who seek personal growth, healing and transformation. She helps women shift their mindset, removing self-limiting beliefs and other internal blocks to success so that they can achieve their goals and dreams. Don’t get stuck in your head all by yourself! Reach out for some help to shift your mindset and let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs! 

You can reach Elizabeth by telephone at 508-909-4109, via email at Coachelizabeth1@gmail.com, or you can go to her Facebook page: https://.facebook.com/ElizabethMeyerCounselingMA

Charlene McCullough, CN

Charlene McCullough CN: The owner and practitioner of Natural Health Pathways located at 365 Boston Post Road Suite 208 in Sudbury, MA.  She is Certified and Advanced Clinically Trained in Nutrition Response Testing and is also certified as a teacher of the technique.  She also has a Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.  Charlene brings the most advanced training in natural healing so you can be free of your barriers and feel beautiful from the inside out.

Charlene provides the missing ingredient – an effective nutritional testing method that is capable of discovering the actual core-level health issues our clients are experiencing and provide effective, non-invasive and affordable solutions. She had studied the advanced breakthroughs in all aspects of clinical nutrition ranging from the in-depth analysis of specific nutritional deficiencies to successful continued patient care.

508-309-4063 or charlene@naturalhealthpathways.net 

Anne Redelfs, MD

Anne Redelfs, MD is a retired psychiatrist who currently practices as a soul listener and gardener. She helps you to listen deeply to your soul’s profound communication, involvement, and guidance veiled in seemingly ordinary events, medical conditions, and even insignificant details. The art of soul listening requires attention, comprehension, and a willingness to perceive beyond convention. Of course, we then must act on what we hear. Anne was born with a mere potential for these talents, and life has provided the opportunities and motivations to develop her skills. Your life too is seeking to develop you. Are you ready to listen? Anne’s contact info: 903-306-5286 / gardenerofthesoul@icloud.com / AnneRedelfs.com


Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/gardenerofthesoul/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/1soulgardener


Meet and work with them at the June Lunch and Learn; June 18th, 12-1:30pm, Networking, 1:30-2:00pm


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