“The CDO Training was a journey from fear to empowerment; well-organized, delivered with care and knowledge.”
Carla Peretto, IL Sogno Bags

Join the Dream Factory Community

Do you want to fulfill your life, succeed in your work, and make a contribution to the world? Join the Dream Factory Community for women entrepreneurs (women who want to take on their lives, their work and their world)

Join  the Dream Factory Community where you will gain clarity, take action, and be held accountable.  You will get a CDO Training where you will assemble your Dream Creation Plan.  You get a monthly accountability group, a CDO Circle,  where you will be supported in fulfilling your plan.

You will be nurtured and supported to live your personal and professional dreams by having your CORE needs met.

What can you get from the Dream Factory Community?  Find out what our members say!  Click Here.   

Listen to some member interviews where they share their dreams and how the DFC has supported them.

Join the Dream Factory Community where you will gain clarity, take action, and be supported. It is a tribe worth having. Every member gets a Chief Dream Officer Training where they create their Dream Creation Plan.
Our next CDO Training: January 27, 1-4pm. Contact us if you want to participate. Membership starts when you register for CDO Training. It is $99 to register for the CDO Training and then there is a monthly fee based on your participation.
Everyone has access to a monthly CDO Circle.
First Month: $99 for workbook download  and CDO Training: Jan 27th, 1-4pm Zoom. Can start other services that month.
As a Business Member, the next Group Coaching Session is Feb 9, 9:30-12. Great time to join!

During this past year we have added to our offerings and changed our pricing structure.  Contact us with any questions.

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