“The Dream Factory Community is such a loving, supportive group.”
New member, Alex Foran

CDO Circle Leader Program

This is an opportunity to develop yourself as a CDO and develop other CDOs. You will develop the skills of a(n): Visionary, Organizer, Self-Transformer, Community Leader.
This training program for Dream Factory CDO Circle Leaders will prepare you to be the leadership-face of the Dream Factory Community. Members will look to you as an example of a Chief Dream Officer and someone who can empower them to be their own CDO. Therefore, during the training of this program, you will take on your own dreams in a new and powerful way, a way that enables you to translate and reinforce that process for your circle members.

In the process of this program and fulfilling its accountabilities, you will develop the ability to:

  1. Re-enforce the Distinctions of the CDO Training
  2. Hold Others Accountable
  3. Facilitate a Group
  4. Communicate Effectively
  5. Support Others in Producing Results

To apply: Contact Program Manager, Nancy Cantor, nancy@cantorconsulting.com

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