“The Dream Factory Community is such a loving, supportive group.”
New member, Alex Foran

Bringing your Love to Life: Turning your Dream Into a Book

Thursday, February 21, 2019
11:30 AM – 2:00 PM

             Ellen Keiter

Ellen Keiter has been creating books ever since she was a young girl. Growing up in a loving, middle-class Midwestern home with well-educated parents instilled in her a love of books and the arts. Her parents and most of their friends were artistic as well as literary, and she has been surrounded by art and artists her whole life. Her favorite subjects in high school were chorus, art class and advanced English. She and her geeky girlfriends hung out in a group known as The Keiter Gang, and did wild and crazy things like riding their bikes, having slumber parties and going to Peter Paul and Mary concerts. She studied art in one form or another in every college she attended—including fabric design and landscape architecture—finally falling in love with graphic design and typography.


Over the years Ellen has done numerous hand lettering jobs, including signs, posters, street banners, church banners and wedding invitations. Most recently she created her own line of over 250 photo greeting cards, which she sold to friends and gift shops.

So all the pieces were in place for Ellen to say yes when Nancy Cantor asked her to help make a book of Dream Factory Community success stories. It was a perfect pairing of her gifts. Ellen has now had the privilege of assisting five other Dream Factory Community members in turning their dreams into actual books. She can help you make your dream a reality, too.

Stephanie Dougherty

Stephanie Shared: “My lifelong passion has always been art and writing. During my youth I had the good fortune to work in the cosmetology field. I was able to use my skills while attending Framingham State University majoring in art. As time passed I opened a lovely hair salon in Framingham. Though giving to others brought much fulfillment, I was starting to feel stagnant. It came to me that I needed to put my experiences together in a way that touches people. Ellen Keiter turned my dream into a reality, using her skills of detail and perfectionism, she helped me publish Renaissance Poems and Paintings.”


This Lunch and Learn event will be held in Framingham at the Water View Terrace.

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