” Being a member of the Dream Factory gave me the confidence and ambition to live my dreams.”
Julie Remele, Transforming Spaces



CDO Circle Leader: Judy Giovangelo, 1st Tuesday: (617) 592-6715, judygiovangelo@benspeaks.org

Judy Giovangelo supports you by facilitating  the CDO Circle and encouraging your participation in the Dream Factory Community so you live your dreams.

An 11-year member of the Dream Factory Community who lost her son Ben to suicide, 10 years ago., she was the CDO of the Medway Dream Factory Community for 4 years.
Judy’s DFC Testimonial:

“I have come a long way in the past 15 years and have grown significantly in my work since losing Ben.  I am now the Chief Dream Officer (CDO) of my own life and run my own healing and arts center.  I spend most of my days there, in service to families like mine, who struggle with their kids like Ben, providing tools through healing and workshops.

CDO Circle Leader: Sandra Yukes: 1st Friday morning, 617-510-8560, syukes16@gmail.com

CDO Circle Location: 11 Park Dr., Newton Highlands 02461

Sandra Yukes has been instrumental in starting the Newton Dream Factory Community.  As a Havening practitioner, she is compassionate and committed to members’ growth and fulfillment of their dreams.  She is Communicator for Judy’s CDO Circle and now runs her own on the first Friday morning of the month.  She has done CDO Training more than anyone, and lives by the principles of the Dream Factory Community.

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