“The Dream Factory Community is such a loving, supportive group.”
New member, Alex Foran


Sandra Yukes

CDO Circle Leader: Sandra Yukes: Thursday Night, 617-510-8560, syukes16@gmail.com.  CDO Circle Location: Zoom

Sandra Yukes has been instrumental in starting the Newton Dream Factory Community.  As a Havening practitioner, she is compassionate and committed to members’ growth and fulfillment of their dreams.  She is Communicator for Nina’s CDO Circle and now runs her own on the first Friday morning of the month.  She has done CDO Training more than anyone, and lives by the principles of the Dream Factory Community.

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Community Leader:

Nancy Cantor

Nancy is the CDO of the Dream Factory Community.  She has a Degree in Human Development from UMass Amherst and spent 11 years as a Special Education Teacher/Counselor specializing in Alternative Education. After being a Jewelry Designer/Business Owner of Essential Designs, she became the Registration Manager and course leader for Landmark Education. She has had… Read More »


Chief Dream Officer (CDO) Training
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
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