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Power of Resiliency Speaker: Janet Drummey

By: Janet Drummey

April 17, 2019

Janet Drummey

I started supporting the PMC about 25 years ago when a colleague was riding and asked for a donation.  My husband and I have supported many riders over the years, including Nancy Cantor.  Each had their own team, supporting some type of cancer research.

Another  hospitalization, with  7 days round the clock chemo  kept my husband in remission.  He was then assigned to Dr. Cutler for the stem cell transplant.

He had the stem cell transplant, and was in isolation for much of a year.  It was a long recovery period with many, many restrictions, but we got through it.  He is now at 21 months post stem cell transplant, and he is doing very well.

In 2018, I was a  PMC virtual rider (no riding, just fundraising)  on the Stem Cell Cyclist Team and I am doing the same this year.

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