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Five Elements of a Healing Community

By: Hannah Stein

July 31, 2017

In today’s hectic and many times very frustrating life experience healing is a requirement for each of us to maintain

our best health and performance. But how do we heal? What does healing encompass?

From a holistic point of view, healing is structured around five basic elements –

At Ashland REIKI & Wellness Center we offer, in a variety of ways , each of these five elements. By respecting the individuality of each client, the opportunity to heal in one’s preferred manner as well as on one’s own timetable creates a unique experience for each person. Perhaps the first step is a book, perhaps instead – a candle and a meditation class. The point of entry does not matter. What matters is that there is a beginning point at which the realization occurs that healing is necessary – not of an illness necessarily – but more likely, of a trodden upon spirit or lack of love or happiness. These deficits in the spirit can be healed and life returned to a more fulfilling and joyous experience.

A wonderful place to start your personal healing journey is through the practice of gratitude. This requires no significant time commitment or financial outlay. A gratitude practice can be initiated by simply “seeing” all the good in your life as opposed to focusing on the events or situations that are being interpreted as negative. Taking a few moments each day to be conscious of the positive aspects of your life will, in time, start you on your own self-defined path toward healing.

However you move forward in healing, realize that you are not alone. Seek community for support and inspiration. Ashland REIKI & Wellness Center is only one of many local supportive centers and businesses that will welcome you and assist you in progressing along your path toward creating a life where you can treasure each moment and live with true joy.

When you are ready, we are here.

Join us for Dream Factory Luncheon, August 17th, 11:30-2pm at Ashland REIKI & Wellness Center for women’s networking, a great lunch and an inspiring talk by Hannah Stein.  Register Here

For more on the event and a video of Hannah.

Hannah Stein

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