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Dream Factory Breakfast: June 2nd, Story Sharing Circle!

By: Sarah Ford

April 14, 2020

For The Dream Factory Breakfast: June 2, 2020

Join me for a Story Sharing Circle! I am inviting you to join me electronically on Zoom on June 2 for a sharing story circle, a Story Liberation Writing Circle.  Back in June of 2019 I began a workshop called “Speaking From The Body” for the Concord Dream Factory that was birthed right out of my process of writing  a one person show called “Georgia & Me”.  This show was written in 2010 and performed in 2011 for the first time in New York at the Midtown  International Theatre Festival. (And, by the way, it won best solo show for that year.) In 2013, Georgia was performed at the Umbrella Center For the Arts in Concord. Doing this show changed my life. I began to take my personal story seriously for the first time. I was finally listening to the voice that emerged as I worked on this long monologue.“Georgia & Me” is about a woman, Sarah, reclaiming her artistic soul that had been left behind some years earlier.

Coming from a dance and theatre background, writing “Georgia” led me to use all the tools I had learned over many years to free my expression and reclaim my artistic soul that I had allowed to be marginalized in my life. I have discovered what a powerful process this is and have begun to develop the story circle process to help others discover this “intimacy” with themselves; a way of tapping into their “inner truth”.  I am looking forward to the joy of sharing this process with you!

But there come times….perhaps this is one of them

when we have to take ourselves more seriously or die;

when we have to pull back from the incantations,

rhythms we’ve move to thoughtlessly,

and disenthrall ourselves, bestow

ourselves to silence, or a severer listening, cleansed

of oratory formulas, choruses, laments, static

crowding the wires.           Transcendental Etude Adriene Rich


About: Sarah Ford (Equity/SAG AFTRA) has been dancing mst of her life. She began formal dance training when she was eight years old and professional training in New York at the Juilliard School when she was 18. Sarah spent several summers during her high school years dancing with Hanya Holm and before that with David Preston at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. After graduating from Juilliard she danced with the Jose Limon Dance Company, Anna Sokolow, and Pearl Lang and later with the Nimbus Dance Company. Sarah began studying Acting with Stella Adler, Michael Howard, Terrey Schrieber, and Vivian Matalon in  the late ‘80’s in New York City. Was a member of two smaller theatre companies and auditioned for commercials and film. She taught dance for 12 years and more recently has been working with Parkinson’s classes at the Steinberg Wellness Center, Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA.

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