” Being a member of the Dream Factory gave me the confidence and ambition to live my dreams.”
Julie Remele, Transforming Spaces

Up, Up, and Away

By: Nancy Cantor

October 31, 2020

On late Thursday afternoon, I went to my garden at the Ashland Community Gardens on Park St. It is a fenced off area at Stone Park. It had been a great day celebrating the Dream Factory Community’s 16th birthday and the difference it makes. It was our biggest online monthly gathering since Covid had changed everything.

I was in the garden, so I was closer than anyone there. I took pictures and started to pray. Whoever it was, I wanted them to know I was there; praying and sending energy for the best possible outcome.  I was agitated but when the helicopter flew away, I tended my garden and then picked some flowers there.

Jacob Handelman

Betsy, one of the members of that Circle called me.  She wanted to bring flowers over to the family. I gave her the vase of flowers I had picked at the garden after Jacob was taken up in the helicopter.  Betsy picked them up, added muffins, a card, some her own roses and dropped them off at Jeanne’s.

As his family launches the next phase of life without Jacob, I just want him to know, because of who you were, they will powerfully and lovingly continue their journeys in life, eternally grateful for everything you have provided for them.

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