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Ignite Your Vibe: Shift Your Energy to Manifest What You Desire

By: Mary Ann Robbat

February 27, 2017

Every thought we have has energy associated with it. If it is a loving, blooming thought, it usually carries a high vibration. If it is a negative, struggle thought it carries a low vibration. As we move through our day, our vibration changes from high to lows. You may have days where you are high all day. This increases your vibration to be higher and higher. Why is it important to keep your vibration high?

Our vibration determines how much we can hold in our lives. It is our capacity to receive and enjoy more. The higher your vibration, the more you can manifest what you desire in life. The lower your vibration, the more difficult it is to attract what you desire in life.

I have been coaching and healing since 1992 and what I know for sure because my clients have proven it over and over, is when they shift their energy, when they change their vibration, their lives become more focused, joyous, free and exciting. Opportunities and possibilities just come to them.

If you want to shift your vibration from where you are to a higher vibration, here are a few tips you can do daily:

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I’m Mary Ann Robbat, Master Energy Healer, Intuitive and Executive Coach. I help individuals who are ready to accelerate the happiness they desire in their lives through a unique combination of coaching and energy healing. You can connect with me at CenterforLifelongHappiness.com or my Facebook Group:  Transforming Fear to Light for more tips and experiences for raising your vibration.

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