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Gratitude Can Reset your Thermostat!

By: Allison Kurt

November 19, 2019

The Universe acts as the universal thermometer and gives us exactly what we project out in the environment. It’s just picking up the climate in the room (our energy) via the Universal thermometer and expressing it on the thermostat. So how do we change the temperature in our life? One of the easiest and most overlooked ways is by expressing gratitude. 

Do this daily by writing down a list of things that make you happy in the present moment. 

For example:

Gratitude works by helping us to be aware of things that are working well in our life which results in emitting more positive vibrations. A happy life is just a series of happy moments all strung together. Practicing gratitude also works by allowing us to rise above any situation or change the “temperature” of our lives by shifting our mindset out of “victim” mode into “creator” mode. 

We need to keep in mind that gratitude is muscle we need to build, it takes commitment and discipline to make it become part of our daily habits. We go from being a person who tries to remember to practice gratitude daily,  into a person whose life reflects more and more joy naturally.

And oftentimes, if you’re like most of us, we can find ourselves getting easily pissed and reacting to the temperature in the room, forgetting that we’ve always had the power to change the setpoint. We just need to get  our “spiritual” butts off the couch so to speak and enter the desired temperature of our life. 

So instead of being reactive with life, we shift our mindset and take a proactive approach by being grateful. Also, by remembering that every second of every day your thermostat is taking a reading of the actual “mood” of your life. The universe doesn’t argue with you and gives each of us complete free will to set our own temperature. There is no special pass-code to change the temperature either. When we make the choice to look for the beauty or gratitude in each moment we watch with amazement as the “temperature” of our life starts to shift! Are you ready to start living on purpose and take back control of your life? 

We will continue to work on shifting your setpoint.  Set your dial to joy!! Join us for:

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