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Dream Factory Conference: Coming Out of Covid, What Have You Learned and Who Have You Become?

By: Nancy Cantor, CDO of the Dream Factory Community

April 12, 2021

People are being vaccinated and things are opening up, therefore a new new normal is emerging.
  • Coming out of a year of isolation into a new world, we are testing the waters for safety and rebuilding in-person relationships. We are coming out of a chrysalis stage and coming into our own as a much improved butterfly.

There is a book by William Bridges called, Transitions, that offers a process for making transitions.  He says, “Change is situational, but transition is psychological, and it takes time.”
Individuals experience transition in 3 stages:
  • Endings: usually ignored, help to acknowledge that something or situation is ending.  Acknowledge and thank it for what  it provides.
  • Neutral Zone: feeling lost, insecure, something ends and has not been replaced, insecure, no clear direction.
  • New Beginnings: New practices, opportunities, projects, therefore re-engaged.

It helps to have a:

  • Purpose
  • Picture
  • Plan
  • Part to Play
By using this process, you can appreciate the learnings you received from the period of time that is ending.
An Example:
During Covid, my Dream Factory Community (women’s empowerment organization) wanted to have weekly support so we created Weekly Check-ins on Monday and Friday.  Then a Writing Group was added, and recently a yoga class.  These group Zoom meetings provided a place for sharing feelings, short term goals with accountability, acknowledging progress and forward movement with space to take the time it needs to make a transition.
  • These regular meetings compliment our monthly accountability circles and educational gatherings.  Even though we are dealing with monumental change, we find our purpose; professional education, personal therapeutic work, participating in a global movement, growing on the job, or downsizing and planning a move.  We see what was important, create plans and develop projects that called for our transformation, because we are in regular communication.
  • We didn’t have to do this, we just did.  Human beings are resilient, but we need each other to navigate the transformation necessary  to transition from one place to another. With this type of engagement, change is an opportunity for growth and increased contribution.  As my Dream Factory Community members engaged in this way, their leadership impacts them and the people around them.

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