“The Dream Factory Community is such a loving, supportive group.”
New member, Alex Foran

Weekly Check-Ins and Writing Sessions Now Available!

By: Nancy Cantor

July 6, 2020

We’ve been having Monday and Friday Check-ins from 9-10am for awhile now for Dream Factory Community members.  We have 6-11 people at both sessions.   On Monday, everyone has a 5-minute time slot, that could include sharing, questions and/or feedback.  Friday is more casual, where we complete what we set up on Monday and plan our weekend.  There is a regular group that is participating and new people come on as well–that is how we grow.
“Knowing I’ve set goals and received support from the participants, helps me complete those goals before we talk again. Very motivating. We’ve shared some personal issues as well as professional ones and it’s been very comforting in these difficult times. Thank you for being there”. Brenda Hedden

We have a Writing Group, on Monday, 10-11am on the same link.  We share with the group, our writing projects.  They could be personal or challenging, but knowing we are not alone in digging deeper, gives us the courage to move forward. We also have themes that we address like transformation and gratitude where everyone can write a paragraph and share the next week.

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