“I would not be a successful entrepreneur today if it wasn’t for the Dream Factory and the encouragement and support. The truly amazing, diverse programs and networking events has us all movin and shakin.”
Julie Remele, Transforming Spaces

Why I Came Back to the Dream Factory Community

By: Sandra Yukes

October 18, 2017

Nancy Cantor, Nina Fine, and Judy Giovangelo at the December Dream Factory Luncheon

I went to the Dream Factory luncheon last month, after a several year lapse in membership. I honestly had no idea what it would be like. It was in a new location – not a restaurant, so I knew it would be different.

I knew only 2 women there and I wasn’t sure they recognized me. I sat at a table of 4, and the woman at my table were very friendly and open. They immediately introduced themselves to me and asked what I was doing. I have a new project, so I was so happy to tell them about it – but I didn’t have the words to describe what I was doing. So they were very patient when I tried to articulate my new venture and helped me create a 30 second tag line!  I was so pleased. Their input was so helpful!

I was struck by how easy it was to come up with the words with 4 heads working together. I am usually working at my computer, alone, and I get stuck a lot. It was a remarkable feeling to have 3 women listen and feedback in a constructive way.

My mood instantly changed!  I felt supported. Even though I was at a beginning phase in my project and I was unpolished – it didn’t matter at The Dream Factory. These women we able to meet me where I was!  I wasn’t judged or expected to be further along – which is what my mind tells me, and I can get so discouraged listening to myself.

I work mostly alone. I like to work alone most of the time. I can’t offer myself the support I need. Sometimes I don’t even know I need support.

I received so much during our talking/eating part of the meeting. It was lifted up by their interest and support. It was so easy, almost effortless. I just had to show up.

I re-enrolled and I am very happy I did!  Who knows what you will find when you come join us!!

I hope to see you the 3rd Thursday of the month for the MetroWest Dream Factory Luncheons.  I am sure you will feel at home.

Sandy Yukes
New England Havening

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