” Being a member of the Dream Factory gave me the confidence and ambition to live my dreams.”
Julie Remele, Transforming Spaces

Why I Came Back to the Dream Factory Community

By: Sandra Yukes

October 18, 2017

Nancy Cantor, Nina Fine, and Judy Giovangelo at the December Dream Factory Luncheon

I went to the Dream Factory luncheon last month, after a several year lapse in membership. I honestly had no idea what it would be like. It was in a new location – not a restaurant, so I knew it would be different.

I knew only 2 women there and I wasn’t sure they recognized me. I sat at a table of 4, and the woman at my table were very friendly and open. They immediately introduced themselves to me and asked what I was doing. I have a new project, so I was so happy to tell them about it – but I didn’t have the words to describe what I was doing. So they were very patient when I tried to articulate my new venture and helped me create a 30 second tag line!  I was so pleased. Their input was so helpful!

I was struck by how easy it was to come up with the words with 4 heads working together. I am usually working at my computer, alone, and I get stuck a lot. It was a remarkable feeling to have 3 women listen and feedback in a constructive way.

My mood instantly changed!  I felt supported. Even though I was at a beginning phase in my project and I was unpolished – it didn’t matter at The Dream Factory. These women we able to meet me where I was!  I wasn’t judged or expected to be further along – which is what my mind tells me, and I can get so discouraged listening to myself.

I work mostly alone. I like to work alone most of the time. I can’t offer myself the support I need. Sometimes I don’t even know I need support.

I received so much during our talking/eating part of the meeting. It was lifted up by their interest and support. It was so easy, almost effortless. I just had to show up.

I re-enrolled and I am very happy I did!  Who knows what you will find when you come join us!!

I hope to see you the 3rd Thursday of the month for the MetroWest Dream Factory Luncheons.  I am sure you will feel at home.

Sandy Yukes
New England Havening

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