“After the CDO Training, I feel that I have concrete things to do right away that will make a lasting impact”
Abby Fligor, CPA and financial manager


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Creating an Imagined Future: How do you do it?


I have to say, being in a serious accident, is a great opportunity to re-look at all aspects of life.  Many people say, “Relax, you need to heal.”  Well that is true, and the focus of my attention has changed as I changed locations.                  Hospital: They took… Read More »

Additional Information on Wireless Safety


Thank you so much for joining me at the Dream Factory Community luncheon, to connect, and to learn about safe technology solutions. I am especially grateful to the courageous Nancy for providing this opportunity and being there with us despite her recent accident. Amazing. I hope you’re now sleeping the afternoon away, Nancy! Educating Ourselves… Read More »

Power of Resiliency Speaker: Noemi Grace

By: Nancy Cantor

Noemi Grace is a psychotherapist, soul healer, channel for Divine wisdom, and an author. She never expected to be a soul healer or channel. But that all changed on September 11, 2001 when she was stuck in a train station near Boston after the terrorist attacks.  As she observed the other passengers, she became overwhelmed… Read More »

Power of Resiliency Speaker: Janet Drummey

By: Janet Drummey

I started supporting the PMC about 25 years ago when a colleague was riding and asked for a donation.  My husband and I have supported many riders over the years, including Nancy Cantor.  Each had their own team, supporting some type of cancer research. Life was going well, with its usual ups and downs.  Then… Read More »

Power of Resiliency Speaker: Arlene Lieberman

By: Nancy Cantor

After suffering a challenging childhood of neglect and ridicule, Arlene developed new skills and new experiences that turned her life around.  She is an education lawyer and consultant who advises college and university presidents and school district superintendents and writes for national education media. She has been involved with social justice and civil rights for… Read More »

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