“After the CDO Training, I feel that I have concrete things to do right away that will make a lasting impact”
Abby Fligor, CPA and financial manager


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Cantor Consulting Newsletter, June 2017: Get Out of your Comfort Zone!


Cantor Consulting June 2017: Get Out of your Comfort Zone Dream Factory Breakfast: Jun 6, Deborah Strafuss Dream Factory Luncheon: June 15, Dr. Anne Kelty, ND

DF Luncheon Sponsor: Roots and Wings, Yoga and Healing Arts in Natick, MA


We are so excited that our DF, June 15th, Luncheon Sponsor is Roots and Wings. Roots & Wings Yoga and Healing Arts in Natick, MA opened in 2007 with a group of skilled healing arts practitioners who wanted to offer quality care and exemplary services in the Metrowest area. Throughout the years, Roots & Wings–which… Read More »

Creating Optimal Health: Empowering Women to Fulfill their Bigger Dreams and Expand their Impact in the World

By: Dr. Anne Kelty, ND

How does your doctor empower your dreams and greater impact in the world? Are you aware that your health supports your dreams and goals? Good doctoring empowers you to discover your true essence and purpose! Optimal health and wellness empowers your goals, dreams and impact on the world.  As a naturopathic doctor, I am an investigator… Read More »

Cantor Consulting Newsletter May 2017: Summer is Here!


May 2017 Newsletter

On Angels’ Wings, A Journey Through Alzheimer’s with My Mother

By: Deborah Lynn Strafuss

Book Launch and Interactive Reading! Alzheimer’s is the fastest growing fatal disease in the world today. Here in Massachusetts there are over  120,000 people living with it, nationally over 5 million, with another almost 16 million caregiver family members coping with it. As yet, there is no medical cure, no prevention, and no slowing of… Read More »

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