“I would not be a successful entrepreneur today if it wasn’t for the Dream Factory and the encouragement and support. The truly amazing, diverse programs and networking events has us all movin and shakin.”
Julie Remele, Transforming Spaces


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Happy Birthday to the Dream Factory Community

By: Nancy Cantor

It is the fourteenth year for the Dream Factory Community.   Lots of things are evolving. What has happened since last October?  We celebrated Gratitude in October and the darkest day by Bringing in the Light in December.  Concord had a Holiday Fair so they could share their beautiful products with attendees. The New Year’s Dinner: The… Read More »

Why I Ride in the Pan Mass Challenge

By: Nancy Cantor

This is my 20th year riding the PMC.  When I first started, I did it because I lost my dad to lung cancer, and lost several good friends over the years as well. I trained at a gym, and was asked to join a PMC team by Martha Gold who was in my spinning class…. Read More »

Chief Dream Officer (CDO) Training: September 14th in Sudbury


A CDO is a: Visionary Organizer Self-Transformer Community Leader Being a CDO, Chief Dream Officer, you: Have a dream, a Dream Creation Plan, and accountability for fulfilling it. Connect with people who can support you in your journey. Become a leader who inspires others This program will introduce you to the power of being a Chief Dream Officer… Read More »

Taking on a Caregivers Role

By: Deb Maturi

Taking care of your loved ones is a beautiful journey with the right help and knowledge. I wasn’t afraid of taking care of my mother, who had MS and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, after taking care of my daughter with serious mental health issues and my sister-in-law with tongue & tonsil cancer. I enjoyed every minute… Read More »

Dream Factory Concord Breakfast, a Wonderful Success


Where did it all begin? What was the passion that sparked the creation of your business? Our passion is the Essence of our work. It serves as a touchstone for those times when the effort is overwhelming or the results disappointing. Recalling our initial guiding passion reminds us of the energy underneath all we’re doing…. Read More »

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