“The Dream Factory Community is such a loving, supportive group.”
New member, Alex Foran


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Dream Factory Concord Breakfast, a Wonderful Success


Where did it all begin? What was the passion that sparked the creation of your business? Our passion is the Essence of our work. It serves as a touchstone for those times when the effort is overwhelming or the results disappointing. Recalling our initial guiding passion reminds us of the energy underneath all we’re doing…. Read More »

Testimonial from, Leslie Ackles, CDO of Dream Factory Concord Community

By: Leslie Ackles

Leslie was diagnosed with a debilitating a disease in 2004. One of the first things I did after managing my fibromyalgia through a massive change in lifestyle, was to join the Dream Factory. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004 and I joined the Dream Factory in 2005.   I was still working fulltime as the… Read More »

Take the Big Leap in 2018: New Year’s Dinner Workshop, Materials on Living Your Genius

By: Nancy Cantor

Genius Zone—Born to live into our highest purpose while in service to the greater good! This is the zone where you liberate your true genius and it puts you on the ultimate path of living a successful and satisfied life. Manifesto by Nancy Cantor  I am a creator, pioneer and community-builder.  If the path hasn’t… Read More »

Why I Came Back to the Dream Factory Community

By: Sandra Yukes

I went to the Dream Factory luncheon last month, after a several year lapse in membership. I honestly had no idea what it would be like. It was in a new location – not a restaurant, so I knew it would be different. I knew only 2 women there and I wasn’t sure they recognized… Read More »

Dream Factory October News, 2017, Thirteen Years Young


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