“The CDO Training was a journey from fear to empowerment; well-organized, delivered with care and knowledge.”
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Dream Factory Conference: Coming Out of Covid, What Have You Learned and Who Have You Become?

By: Nancy Cantor, CDO of the Dream Factory Community

People are being vaccinated and things are opening up, therefore a new new normal is emerging. Coming out of a year of isolation into a new world, we are testing the waters for safety and rebuilding in-person relationships. We are coming out of a chrysalis stage and coming into our own as a much improved… Read More »

Up, Up, and Away

By: Nancy Cantor

On late Thursday afternoon, I went to my garden at the Ashland Community Gardens on Park St. It is a fenced off area at Stone Park. It had been a great day celebrating the Dream Factory Community’s 16th birthday and the difference it makes. It was our biggest online monthly gathering since Covid had changed… Read More »

Weekly Check-Ins and Writing Sessions Now Available!

By: Nancy Cantor

We’ve been having Monday and Friday Check-ins from 9-10am for awhile now for Dream Factory Community members.  We have 6-11 people at both sessions.   On Monday, everyone has a 5-minute time slot, that could include sharing, questions and/or feedback.  Friday is more casual, where we complete what we set up on Monday and plan our… Read More »

Gardening and Business: Very Similar

By: Nancy Cantor

During the past couple of months of the pandemic, the scope of my world has changed. No longer driving to networking meetings or to client’s locations, I spend my time at home. As a Business Dev’t Consultant and founder of the Dream Factory Community for women solo-entrepreneurs, I quickly moved all my business events and… Read More »

New Sabo-Department

By: Anne Redelfs, MD

It has come to the attention of our administration that many DFC members are dealing with their inner saboteurs from time to time. To quicken the process, we are implementing a new Sabotage Department (the Sabo-Dept for short), which will be available through phone, email, SKYPE, or ZOOM. The first step is one of awareness…. Read More »

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