“After the CDO Training, I feel that I have concrete things to do right away that will make a lasting impact”
Abby Fligor, CPA and financial manager


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Love the One You’re With: Steps to Self- Love Using Life’s Challenges as the Key

By: Mara Castello, Life Coach

I would like to share my story and my insights hoping that it might serve as an inspiration to you in a place you may be struggling in your life. As a certified empowerment coach, my passion is supporting women to live their passion after trauma. Coaching from a philosophy that sustainable change occurs from… Read More »

Celebrating Life

By: Nancy Cantor, Founder of the Dream Factory Community

During the last few months, it has been a celebration of life.   Whether we are experiencing the Healing Arts, sharing Journeys that matter, celebrating the Dream Factory Community’s birthday, exercising Gratitude, or Bringing in the Light; there is an experience of connecting with others and the joys of life. As we approach the New Year,… Read More »

Signs of Kindness

By: Anne LaFleur

A note to participants in the Dream Factory Community Gratitude Lunch & Learn on 11.21.19, from one of our vendors who ran an Appreciation Station, where attendees wrote Thank You cards to family and friends.  She provided appreciation inserts and we provided the stamps so she could mail them quickly.  A great activity to get… Read More »

Gratitude Can Reset your Thermostat!

By: Allison Kurt

The Universe acts as the universal thermometer and gives us exactly what we project out in the environment. It’s just picking up the climate in the room (our energy) via the Universal thermometer and expressing it on the thermostat. So how do we change the temperature in our life? One of the easiest and most… Read More »

Gratitude Journal for November Lunch & Learn

By: Intelligent Change

It’s The Five-Minute Journal. Have you ever heard of it? It was made popular a few years ago by Tim Ferris, an author and podcaster who specializes in maximizing the human potential. The journal is based on positive psychology. I really like this style of journaling because it’s fast and simple… plus, it forces you… Read More »

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